After One Year Debuting; Topp Dogg held their First ever Showcase in Malaysia

[071214] TOPP DOGG a thirteen member Korean boy band who is under Stardom Entertainment finally hold their 1st showcase here in Malaysia on the 7th December 2014. TOPP DOOG whom were debuted on the 22nd of October 2013 with their 1st EP “Dogg’s Out” and music video for the track “Say It”

TOPP DOGG started their showcase with their hit songs “Say It”. Even though this is the 1st time the boys are here, with the support from Malaysian TOPP KLASS, they were able to deliver so well with full of energy and excitement even though without the present of one of their member Seogoong.


Known for their powerful dance routine and charismatic on-stage performance, TOPP DOGG is arguably one of the rising star in the K-pop industry. Their interaction with fans, and their fan service makes the fans feel close to them. Besides performing songs on the showcase, there are games session where three lucky winner were chosen by lucky draw by the member. The fans were invited on stage to dance part of TOPP DOGG song and the lucky winner were granted a wish.


In commemorative with Kidoh’s birthday on the upcoming 16th December, Malaysian TOPP KLASS had prepared a surprised birthday party for him. Kidoh said he is thankful and very happy that he is celebrating his birthday earlier here in Malaysia.


Towards the end of the showcase during the encore performance, TOPP DOGG once again stepped down from the stage to interact with the fans. They said they were thankful toward Malaysian TOPP KLASS for coming to the airport to see them and also coming for their showcase.Plus, they feel bad and sad because they were late for coming here in Malaysia. Therefore, they ensure the fans that they will be coming again in the future.

IMG_0835 IMG_0848

The event continue with all the VIP Zone ticket holders entitle to attend an exclusive fansigning event session with the boys.


Around of applause should be given to Jazzy Group of Companies for their effort in bringing the boys for their very 1st Showcase here in Malaysia and also for making Malaysian TOPP KLASS dreams come true by meeting the boys Live!

We would also thanked them for the invitation. Looking forward for the next event.


Song List During Showcase: Say It, Open The Door, Ara, Arario, TOP DOG, <Special – Wizard Dance Performance, Peekaboo, Annie, Why Am I LIke This

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Written by Aesa Sasa

Magical Moment with Lunafly in Malaysia 2014

Event Details:

Magical Moment With LUNAFLY

Date: 21st December 2014
Venue: TBA
Time: Day Stage : Special Guy (3PM) / Night Stage : Thank You (8PM)

Premium Passes:-

Day Stage (Acoustic) : RM 370 – Performance, Priority entry, Photo Session, stand a chance to win Tea Time with Lunafly.

Night Stage (Live Performance) : RM 370 – Performance, Priority Entry, Autograph Session, stand a chance to win Tea Time with Lunafly.

VIP Passes:- 

Day Stage (Acoustic) : RM 270 – Performance, Lunafly Autographed Poster, stand a chance to win Tea Time with Lunafly.

Night Stage (Live Performance) : RM 270 – Performance, Lunafly Autographed Poster, stand a chance to win Tea Time with Lunafly.

General Admission:-

Day Stage (Acoustic) : RM 180 – Performance

Night Stage (Live Performance) : RM 180 – Performance

Ticketing order detail:

Send your email to with the subject (Ticket purchase for Magical Moment With Lunafly)

Please write in your details in the email:


IC no :

Passport number (for non Malaysian):

Stage : Special Guy (3pm)

Type of passes:



IC no:

Passport no:

Stage : Thank You (8pm)

Type of passes:


There will be more advantage if you purchase the Premium Passes as there will be another private event that you can enter (by purchasing) ONLY for the first 15 fans that purchased the Premium Passes. We will announce the event detail soon! Also we will give away Lunafly’s Autographed Special Guy Album for the first few fans that purchased the Premium Passes! We will reply your email within 48hours!

We will send you on how to bank in the money for ticket purchase after you have sent in your details. Tickets are limited so hurry up and show Lunafly lots of love this time, Lukies!

Media Release: ‘Remember Me’ First And Last Duet Songs from Eunb ( Ladies Code) with HyunMin-A (Malaysian Entertainer)

Camera 360

SEOUL, SEPT,15: No more secrets. Ladies Code member, EunB, 22, who passed away due to tragic accident recently, has left many beautiful moments and memories for her family and fans…including a beautiful warm, acoustic duet track which she recorded with HyunMin-A.

In addition to active activities as the member of Ladies Code, the late EunB actually recorded a duet song in July 2013 with HyunMin-A, a Malaysian Entertainer and artist who has now broken into K-pop market as a K-pop singer. It is verified through Polaris Entertainment’s member that this duet track happens to be the first and last duet song from EunB ever recorded.

Through conversations between HyunMin and EunB’s moms recently, Eunbi’s mother stated that late EunB was very happy to be selected to sing the duet track with HyunMin-A. She added that back when she was getting ready to record the song…she noticed EunB was always humming the song around the house and seemed to be really excited about recording the song with Hyunmin-A…

The title of the duet track is called “Remember Me” which was actually scheduled to be launched towards the end of the year…after when Ladies Code’s latest singles “Kiss Kiss” promotion was finished.

According to HyunMin’s management, Blessync Media, the music video for the duet song which involves the two artists was being planned, along with a reality TV program which is being developed currently which also involved the two artists as main cast of the show…however, under the current situation at hand, Blessync Media is in the process of restructuring the previous planning entirely into a tribute promotion for the two young artists who passed away in a tragic accident…and with the cooperation of Polaris Entertainment, the duet song “Remember Me” will be released in accordance with the concept of the “EunB & Lisae Tribute”.

“Yes, it is the first and the last duet song EunB ever sang with any artist. Right now, EunB’s management, Polaris Entertainment is still in its sensitive stage. Once the grieving subsides and when they are able to get there head around things again, we then will start the discussion on what can be done with the song…”

“But before any discussion actually gets started seriously it can take potentially take more time. And as stated previously the only option we have with the song is to Dedicate the song as a “commemoration / tribute” song for EunB. Just to make things clear, this song will be a tribute song to EunB. There will be no rerecording with any other artists, ” said Blake Shin, CEO of Blessync Media.

Blake continued the explanation and told the media the reason why this “tribute” concept is actually important. “We want to make sure we really commemorate who these artists are…and their dedication to music. Our goal for this “tribute” is to somehow make sure what the two young artists are not forgotten and live on in the hearts of many K-pop fans around the world.”

How did HyunMin-A, or previously known as Ajieb Rosdi in Malaysia became engaged with EunB as the duet song partner? Blake Shin explained that while HyunMin was being trained at M Net Academy … Ladies Code was also preparing for their album and being trained there as well. So Naturally HyunMin and EunB became acquainted … and later on became friends …he further explained that the demo song was actually given to all the members of the Ladies Code but in the end…it was Eunbi who connected with the song the most powerfully…and also with Hyunmin as well in terms of chemistry.

Considering that this song happens to be the first and last duet song from EunB…we are planning things from many levels, and trying to come up with the best possible course of action for the duet song, “Remember Me”.

“Again…it is our intention and will do our best so that the memories of the beautiful young artists lives on in the hearts of many fans..” Blake Shin, stated.

To find out more about “Remember Me”, and relevant information, you can contact us or follow twitter HyunMinAjieb.

Media Release: ‘Chosen as Ambassador of Two Korea Product, Hyunmin-A Select Girls Generation”


SEOUL, OCT 15: Before launching a duet song with the late EunB of Ladies Code titled Remember Me, an artist under the management of Blessync Media, Hyunmin-A has received an offer to be ambassador to South Korea’s two output products.

One of the products is actually is more or less responsible for HyunMins secret to looking more like a young, South Korean man. It is called Korean Black Raspeberry or Bokbunja, which is the Korean name of the magical fruit, and after having taken the product for certain period of timeHyunmins skin quality has improved, looking more pale and smoother.


In addition to hes face looking younger than his actual real age, Hyunmin takes this product as a daily supplement which gives him energy and enables him to tackle and help him make it through hes rigorous daily schedule as typical K-Pop stars are busy digesting their daily activities.

Im really thankful for this product for several reasonsIve already talked about how after having used this product, my skin got noticeably smooth and pale, actually now looking more like Korean..but this product also helps me live with more vigor and helps my daily task as a singer here, “said Hyunmin or more recognized in Malaysia with the name Ajieb Rosdi.


In addition to being an ambassador for the Black Raspberry Chewable Vitamin C, Hyunmin also chosen to be the ambassador for BOB MIKI sunglasses for South East Asian Market.

For BOBMIKI, Hyunmin is now officially representing BOB MIKI Music Edition sunglassesthe Jazz Edition and the Funky Editionboth editions were used during HyunMins latest image cuts and photo shoots.

BOBMIKI Sunglasses very special because it comes with Blue Light Lens which protects ones eyes from blue light typically given off by computers and smart phone monitors.

On a quick note, BOBMIKI’s Blue Light Protection Lens are the next generation of lens which (510nm) does not cause headaches when used over 30 minutes of use, the which is a inherent problem with the Blue Light Protection Lenses in the market today, and can be worn all day without any side effects.

Brand CEO for both these products, Mr. Kim said, he was very pleased to have found Hyunmin as an ambassador for this product.


“Hyunmin is basically who we were looking for to represent our products for South East Asia. He has very infectious personality everyone just loveshe makes people feel happy just being around the guy because hes all about being positive and fun I feel confident that Hyunmin will represent the products well for the markets said Mr. Kim.

The other two product, which Mr. Kim has offered to Hyunmin to represent as the ambassadorare Girls Generation HAIRCOUTURE DRY SHAMPOOand as the name given it out, this products was inspired by Girls Generation.

Another product is a very popular animated cartoon character in Korean TV channel EBS. The animation character is Duda”…note that both items are actually limited edition products in South Korea, and only set number of products were manufactured and will be available for limited time only

For those who are interested in ordering the products, contact Hyunmins management by emailing to Or you may order through Hyunmin Fanclub at Facebook, BFA (Best Friend Ajieb).

These products will be available as special, LIMITED gift box package for Malaysia For further detailed information, you may also log on to twitter page HYUNMINAJIEB or insta HYUNMIN_A.

For those interested in South Korea, Japan and China, you can contact HyunMin Fanclub MinNieSter on Naver Cafe ( 

Here is
detailed product information for products mentioned above:

Black Raspberry Chewable Vitamin C

Bokbunja is well known and commonly consumed by Koreans and in other Asian countries for the following health benefits:

  • Anti-aging effects…when taken consistently, anti oxidant properties active in Bokbunja will keep you and your skin looking amazing young and youthful in appearance.
  • Anti-cancerous effects…
  • Promotes energy and vitality…
  • Promotes healthy sexual function…
  • Promotes healthy blood vessels and keeps them elastic…
  • Helps regulate bad HDL Cholesterol

(BOBMIKI ANTI-BLUE) : (Blue Light Protection eyeglasses)

“Blue Light” refers to the light reflected from computer or smart phone monitors. This Blue Light is known to cause one’s eyes to get tired. Blue Light Protection Glasses are already being sold quite widely in Japan and in the USA. With the increasing sells of smart phone and tablet Pcs., the sales of blue light protection lens will also will be on the increase.

Current Blue Light Protection Lens in the market are low in “light penetration rate” if protection ratio is increase…but Bobmiki’s Blue Light Protection Lens are next generation lens which (510nm) does not cause headache when used over 30 minutes of use, which is a inherent problem with the Blue Light Protection Lenses in the market today, and can be worn all day without any side effects.  


  • Fits right into your handbag!
  • Easy to carry mini size!
  • Secrete to easy hair shine and managing!
  • Traveling or after working out, conveniently keep your hair clean!
  • On days waking up late, before going to school or to work!
  • For sick people difficult to wash their hair

Lesley Pink Fresh Flower Scent 50ml

Size possible for carrying on board plan

Just spraying with water is OK

Sprays in micro molecule

With improved volumizing easier styling


  • This TV animation is a mega hit series
  • a joint planning/production project with EBS (Education Broadcasting Station…very reputable broadcasting station specializing in education program) and Eyes Cream Studio…
  • a project developed for over 3 years…
  • upon airing of the 1st episode the program became an instant hit and hit the rating to roof recording #1 rating. 

Upcoming Korean Event In Malaysia 2014



Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia

Date: 1 November 2014
Venue : Stadium Negara


Topp Dogg First Showcase 2014 Live in Kuala Lumpur

Date :7 Dec 2014
Time : 12:30pm
Venue : HGH Convention Centre

Magical Moment With LUNAFLY

Date: 21st December 2014
Venue: TBA
Time: Day Stage : Special Guy (3PM) / Night Stage : Thank You (8PM)


SS6 (2015)

Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia

Returning to Asia after the spectacular success of the first Race Start! Running Man Fan Meeting in Singapore last year, ONE HD presents Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia this November.

For the first time ever, 4 members from the urban variety show – Kim Jong Kook, HAHA (Ha Dong Hoon), Song Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin, will be gathered in Kuala Lumpur for a fun filled 2 hour show featuring an exciting and riveting mix of comedy and song performances! Some lucky fans will even get to share the stage with the stars through interactive and specially tailored games!

VIP (RM729) ticket holders will also receive an exclusive autograph pass, where they will get to meet the stars up close and personal, and get an autograph from one randomly picked Running Man cast member.

Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia is organized by ONE HD & Urbanworks Multimedia & Entertainment, with Supporting Sponsor Red Bull No.1 Energy Drink in Malaysia.

For the latest updates on Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia, stay tuned to ONE HD on Astro Ch 393; log on the ONE website:; or follow ONE on and Twitter:

[Coverage] EvoL First Showcase in Malaysia @ Klang Parade

South Korean girl group, Evol (Effective Voice of Ladies) successful hold their first showcase in Malaysia.The showcase was held at a few different venues and our team have done coverage on their showcase in Klang Parade . EvoL consist of 5 members, Say, Jucy, Hayana, Yull and J-Da.

In their showcase at Klang Parade, they has sang a few song including “1,2,3,4,5”, We are a bit different(우린 좀 달라), I’m Sorry, Get Up & Wild Ones. Besides than performing four of their own songs  on the showcase, they also cover the song “Wild Ones” by Flo Rida and Sia

They ended their showcase in Klang Parade with a photo session with fans and ‘fansign’.

(For More Pictures do visit Hallyu Malaysia Facebook)

Hallyu Malaysia would like thank to New Pro Star Sdn Bhd for giving us the opportunity to do the coverage of this showcase.We also would like to to thank to Nurizzati Diyanah Binti Ishak from Authentic Production for helping us. We  surely looking forward for our next collaboration


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