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[COVERAGE] AlphaBAT 1ST Showcase in Malaysia

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AlphaBAT was successful hold their1st Showcase in Malaysia.The group consisting of Beta, Code, Delta, Eplison, Fie, Gamma, Heta, Iota and Jeta..Their presence in Malaysia has attract attention from Kpop fans in Malaysia.

AlphaBat had auditions for 10th members and showcases in Malaysia which were held on 26th April at Danga City Mall,Johor Bahru and 27th April at The Summit,USJ.


Before AlphaBAT showcases ,there are auditions for AlphaBAT 10th member.There are 5 contestants did audition at JB showcase and 10 contestants did audition at KL showcase.The contestants were choosen from the video which they send to New Pro Star through email.The judges for auditions are from SimTong Korea management. Contestants showed their talents and tried to complete all the requests from judges.


AlphaBAT sang their debut song AB CITY ,the latest song Ddanddara and also Always that lyrics written by all members and song written by their leader B:eta for their fans at JB and KL showcases.They also performed other kpop groups’ song at the showcase. They performed Beast Beautiful night at JB showcase.Too, they performed TVXQ Love In The Ice ,Beast Fiction and Infinite Nothing’s Over at KL showcase.


They had game session with fans The winner can get handmade soap from AlphaBAT.They feel happy to be here and Malaysia is their first overseas schedule and it’s very special for them.When the questions time in JB showcase,a fans request F:ie to dance sexy dance and he danced Girls’ Day Something. 


Before the fansign session.Fans had a surprise birthday party for May birthday members-H:eta, D:elta, B:eta at KL Showcase.Alphabat showed us an energetic performance in this 4 hours event in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.

We would like to thank to New Pro Star Sdn Bhd for giving us the opportunity to cover AlphBAT 1st Showcase in Malaysia.


This article was written by Jiamiin @ HallyuM

Photo by Jiamiin @ HallyuM


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