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After One Year Debuting; Topp Dogg held their First ever Showcase in Malaysia

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Topp Dogg First Showcase 2014 Live in Kuala LumpurDecember 7th, 2014
The big day is here.


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[071214] TOPP DOGG a thirteen member Korean boy band who is under Stardom Entertainment finally hold their 1st showcase here in Malaysia on the 7th December 2014. TOPP DOOG whom were debuted on the 22nd of October 2013 with their 1st EP “Dogg’s Out” and music video for the track “Say It”

TOPP DOGG started their showcase with their hit songs “Say It”. Even though this is the 1st time the boys are here, with the support from Malaysian TOPP KLASS, they were able to deliver so well with full of energy and excitement even though without the present of one of their member Seogoong.


Known for their powerful dance routine and charismatic on-stage performance, TOPP DOGG is arguably one of the rising star in the K-pop industry. Their interaction with fans, and their fan service makes the fans feel close to them. Besides performing songs on the showcase, there are games session where three lucky winner were chosen by lucky draw by the member. The fans were invited on stage to dance part of TOPP DOGG song and the lucky winner were granted a wish.


In commemorative with Kidoh’s birthday on the upcoming 16th December, Malaysian TOPP KLASS had prepared a surprised birthday party for him. Kidoh said he is thankful and very happy that he is celebrating his birthday earlier here in Malaysia.


Towards the end of the showcase during the encore performance, TOPP DOGG once again stepped down from the stage to interact with the fans. They said they were thankful toward Malaysian TOPP KLASS for coming to the airport to see them and also coming for their showcase.Plus, they feel bad and sad because they were late for coming here in Malaysia. Therefore, they ensure the fans that they will be coming again in the future.

IMG_0835 IMG_0848

The event continue with all the VIP Zone ticket holders entitle to attend an exclusive fansigning event session with the boys.


Around of applause should be given to Jazzy Group of Companies for their effort in bringing the boys for their very 1st Showcase here in Malaysia and also for making Malaysian TOPP KLASS dreams come true by meeting the boys Live!

We would also thanked them for the invitation. Looking forward for the next event.


Song List During Showcase: Say It, Open The Door, Ara, Arario, TOP DOG, <Special – Wizard Dance Performance, Peekaboo, Annie, Why Am I LIke This

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Written by Aesa Sasa


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