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[ASTRO X Hallyu Malaysia] 2016 Hit Rookie that you MUST know (中 & ENG)

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Group Name 團名: ASTRO 아스트로

Debut Date 出道日期 : 2016/02/23

Label 所屬公司 : Fantagio

Team’s chant 團呼 : Wanna be you star

아스트로 (ASTRO)’s name meaning is star (in Spanish) and it’s name contains the boys’ pure desire to becoming a (rising star) who will receive love from everyone.


Fanclub Name: AROHA, which is an abbreviation for ASTRO Hearts All Fans. Aroha also means “love” in Māori.

官方粉絲名: AROHA,意為「ASTRO HEART ALL FANS」,另外也是毛利語中的「愛」




Members 成員 :


Birth Name 本名 : Kim Myung Jun (김명준/ 金明俊 )

Stage Name 藝名 : MJ (엠제이)

Position 隊内擔當 : Main Vocalist 主唱

Birthday 生日 : 1994/03/05


Birth Name 本命 : Park Jin Woo (박진우/ 朴真祐 )

Stage Name 藝名 : Jin Jin (진진)

Position 隊内擔當 : Leader, Main Rapper 隊長,饒舌

Birthday 生日 : 1996/03/15


Birth Name 本命 : Lee Dong Min (이동민/ 李瞳旼)

Stage Name 藝名 : Cha Eun Woo (차은우/ 車銀優)

Position 對内擔當 : Visual, Vocalist 門面,副唱

Birthday 生日 : 1997/03/30


Birth / Stage Name 本/ 藝名 : Moon Bin (문빈/ 文彬 )

Position 對内擔當 : Main Dancer, Vocalist 主舞,副唱

Birthday 生日 : 1998/01/26


Birth Name 本名 : Park Min Hyuk (박민혁/ 朴敏赫 )

Stage Name 藝名 : Rocky (라키)

Position 對内擔當 : Main Dancer, Lead Rapper 主舞,饒舌

Birthday 生日 : 1999/02/25


Birth Name 本名 : Yoon San Ha (윤산하/ 尹產賀 )

Stage Name 藝名 : Sanha (산하/ 產賀 )

Position 對内擔當 : Main Vocalist, Maknae 主唱,忙内

Birthday 生日 : 2000/03/21


Exclusive Interview with ASTRO


Jin Jin – JJ

Eun Woo – EW

Moon Bin – MB

Rocky – RK

San Ha – SH


Q1. Introduce yourself and position.

JJ: Hello! I am the rapper and leader, slow rapper Jin Jin of Astro.

RK: Hello! I am the dancer and rapper, dependable rock Rocky of Astro.

EW: Hello! I am the vocalist, morning call Cha Eun Woo of Astro.

MB: Hello! I am the dancer and vocalist, dog-cat Moon Bin of Astro.

MJ: Hello! I am the main vocalist, happy virus MJ of Astro.

SH: Hello! I am the vocalist, super growing beagle maknae Yoon San Ha of Astro.


Q1. 請先自我介紹。

JJ: 大家好! 我是Astro的隊長兼饒舌擔當,慢饒舌Jin Jin。

RK: 大家好! 我是Astro的舞蹈兼饒舌擔當,可信賴的石頭Rocky。

EW: 大家好! 我是Astro的副主唱擔當,晨喚Cha Eun Woo。

MB: 大家好! 我是Astro的舞蹈和副主唱擔當,小狗小貓Moon Bin。

MJ: 大家好! 我是Astro的主唱擔當,快樂病毒MJ。

SH: 大家好! 我是Astro的副主唱,暴風成長的米格魯忙内Yoon San Ha。



Q2. Please introduce <Summer Vibe> album and title song.

EW: Our album <Summer Vibe> this time round, as you can see from the music video is cool and refreshing like a can of soda. This album is bright, fresh, cheerful and would cool down yourself from the summer heat. We worked hard on these six songs with no doubt. All the six songs from this album are beautifully composed and are all masterpieces. (All laugh )

JJ: Coming from your own mouth. ( Laugh )

EW: Hope you will like it!


Q2. 請介紹專輯 <Summer Vibe> 和主打歌。

EW: 這次 <Summer Vibe> 的專輯呢就如MV里所看到的那樣,清新和像汽水一樣清爽。這張清新、開朗的專輯可以在這個夏天爲大家消暑。毫無疑問地,這張專輯裏的每一首歌都是我們很用心的準備的, 所以這六首歌會是名曲。( 全部大笑 )

JJ: 自己說。 ( 哈哈哈哈 )。

EW: 希望大家會喜歡!



Q3. Have you been to Malaysia before? What will you do if all of you come to Malaysia?

MB: We’ve not been there before but I hope visit the capital city, Kuala Lumpur and the famous landmark, KLCC!


Q3. 你們有到過馬來西亞嗎?如果你們去馬來西亞會想做些什麽?

MB: 我們都沒去過,不過我想要去馬來西亞的首都吉隆坡和地標雙子星。



Q4. Do you have any plans for overseas promotion anytime soon?? Maybe visiting Malaysia??

JJ: First, we will be going to KCON LA in July and will be heading to Thailand at end of October. So, if the Malaysian fans invite us and if our schedule matches, then we would love to go!


Q4. 之後會有任何海外行程嗎?或許有馬來西亞?

JJ: 我們會先在7月的時候去KCON LA,然後10月末會去泰國。所以如果馬來西亞粉絲邀請我們過去,行程上沒什麽問題的話,我們一定會去!



Q5. Any different genre of songs you hope to try?

MJ: Currently, we have a bright, happy, and fresh image, which is suitable for us now. Although we haven’t think about any others different genre of songs, but maybe when we get older and gain more experiences, we would like to try a genre that is more manly and masculine.


Q5. 有任何想嘗試的音樂風格嗎?

MJ: 現在這種開朗、清新的路綫很符合我們的形象。雖然我們還沒想其他不同風格的音樂,不過可能以後我們年紀比較大、經驗比較豐富的時候,我們會嘗試比較男性氣概風格的音樂。



Q6. How did it felt performing on stage for the first time?

RK: Since the first album till our second album now, we’ve practiced till we are ‘Breathless’ for a better stage and performance. I even had thoughts on whether our second album would even be released. Thankfully it has been released and I thought to myself saying “It’s happening!” and “I must work even harder!!” and prepared more so that I can do better on stage.


Q6. 第一次在舞臺上表演的心情如何?

RK: 爲了向大家展現更棒的舞臺,我們從準備第一張專輯開始就一直在 “呼吸急促” 似的練習。我一直在想我們到底會不會發佈第二張專輯呢,很慶幸地第二張專輯成功發佈了! 我每次都會有 “它正在發生了!”  “一定要更加努力!” 的想法,所以我爲了呈現更棒的舞臺而準備了很多。



Q7. If you are a girl, which members will you take as your boyfriend?

SH: First, I would choose…  (MJ: Thank you! )

SH: Emm… I would choose Jin Jin Hyung. He is really a good person, thoughtful, be well-off, takes good care of us, and I think he would treat his girlfriend even better.

(MJ: Jin Jin so happy now. (laugh )    RK: So you want be a girl?    SH: No, just IF… I was a girl. )


JJ: I would…  (MJ: I know right.    JJ: (hand put on MJ’s shoulder)    MJ: Thank you. ))

JJ: I will choose…. Eun Woo

EW: Why??

JJ: Although he is the visual of the group, he takes very good care of us. Many people think he looks cool, but actually he is a warm guy.   (EW: What you want to eat?  All: (laugh) )


EW: I will choose….   (MJ: I know right. )

EW: MJ Hyung. When you are together with MJ Hyung. You will feel happy and joyful. As he is our happy virus and I will always feel good and be able to smile if I am together with MJ Hyung.


MJ: I will choose Rocky. Wait, am I the girl? Or Rocky?   ( JJ: You.)

MJ: Ah.. So if Rocky is my boyfriend… he is very reliable and responsible… I don’t have to be worried about anything.


RK: I will choose Moon Bin Hyung. He does not always praise us and once in a while when he does, it gives us energy slightly, each time. This is his charm. And he has many other charms too so I think it wouldn’t be bad if I were to be his girlfriend.


MB: I would choose San Ha??

(SH: Now just left me. Choose me me me me.    MB: Let me think a reason.    SH: I have a definitely charm! )

MB: If I am a girl, I would choose… San Ha. He has a lot of aegyo and many cute sides to him. I am actually the type who gets pissed easily but his aegyo can help me feel better!  (SH: (Aegyo to Moon Bin) )


Q7. 如果你是一位女生,你會選哪位成員當男朋友?

SH: 首先, 我會選… ( MJ: 謝謝! )

SH: 嗯… 我會選Jin Jin哥。他真的真的是位很善良的人,很有想法,活得很好,也很照顧我們,所以他一定會對女朋友更好!

( MJ: Jin Jin 現在好開心哦(笑)     RK: 所以你要變成一位女生?     SH: 不是,我只是說如果我是一位女生。)


JJ: 我會選…  ( MJ:我知道的。   JJ: ( 手放在MJ的肩膀上 )     MJ: 謝謝你 )

JJ: 我會選… Eun Woo。

EW: 爲什麽?

JJ: 雖然他是門面,可是他非常地照顧我們。很多人會覺得他很酷,其實他的内心非常地溫暖。  ( EW: 有什麽想吃的嗎?  全部大笑 )


EW: 我會選…   ( MJ: 我知道的 )

EW: MJ哥。每當和MJ哥在一起的時候都會覺得很開心很愉快。就如他是我們的快樂病毒,每次和MJ哥在一起的感覺都很不錯。


MJ: 我會選擇Rocky。等一下! 我是女生?還是Rocky? ( JJ: 你。)

MJ: 啊… 如果Rocky是我的男朋友的話…他非常有信任感和責任感… 我可以不用擔心任何事情。


RK: 我會選Moon Bin哥。他不常稱贊我們,所以有時候他的贊賞會稍微地給我們力量。這是他的魅力。其實他有很多其他的魅力,所以我覺得他會對他的女朋友不錯。


MB: 所以我要選擇San Ha嗎?

( SH: 就祗剩下我。選我我我。      MB: 讓我想個理由。     SH: 我的確有魅力啊! )

MB: 如果我是一位女生,我會選… San Ha。他非常會撒嬌,也非常可愛。我其實是那種很容易生氣的人,不過他的撒嬌可以讓我消氣!    ( San Ha對Moon Bin 撒嬌 )



Q8. A question would like to ask next person on you or say something  you want to the member beside you.

EW -> MJ: As an eldest brother, Thanks you for the effort.

(MJ: Thank you….THAT’S ALL!?! No more?!!           EW: No no no… That’s not it.                   MJ: I expected too much.       EW: Thank you and…is this okay?            SH: Just a phrase. )

EW: Thank you for the effort today!


MJ -> JJ: Our leader Jin Jin, it is very tired for always take care of members. Thank you for the effort. (EW: What is this? Same with me! )  Fighting always!

JJ: Fighting!  (SH: Can I ask question?          MJ: Can.)

JJ: I will ask San Ha question.


JJ -> SH: What do you feel when you do aegyo to the Hyungs? I was just curious.

SH: Err… I just show my actual self to the Hyungs. This is my real side.


SH -> MB: Tell us your rankings of looks on the Astro members.  (JJ: Good good! )

MB: Actually, I think I am not the last. Hahahahaha      (MJ: Approved! )

MB: But this ranking doesn’t count.     (MJ & JJ: Why?           SH: No hard feelings! )

MB: We have different charms and different parts that are attractive.    (MJ: Just say it out confidently.            RK: You think you will at which rank? )

Hallyu: Excluding charms, just rank by outlooks.

MB: Ha…If I were to rank just by outlooks, first will be…       (MJ: Thank you! I know right.)

MB: Eun Woo Hyung

(MJ & RK & SH: Just rank yourself.)

MB: I will be….. third place…       (Members: Eiiiiiiiiiiii…        SH: Who will be second, aren’t you second??)

MB: No~ Next, I will say something to Rocky.


MB -> Rocky: Since our first album, we’ve been in charge of the choreography and I will be looking forward to choreographing with you in the future.  (Moon Bin and Rocky shake hands)


Rocky: I will say something to Jin Jin Hyung.

(SH: You should say to Eun Woo Hyung.         MB: Member beside you.          MJ: Eunwoo, did you feel disappointed? )

RK -> EW: Eun Woo Hyung has many schedules, recently he also started to have more personal schedules and might be very tired but he still takes care of us….

EW: Rocky is not asking me a question; I feel so sad. Anyway, I feel so thankful and happy.


Q8. 向隔壁的成員問一個問題或是說一句話。

EW -> MJ: 身爲一位大哥,辛苦你了。

(MJ: 謝謝你………就這樣!??!沒了?!!!             EW: 不是不是.. 還有。           MJ: 我期待太多了。           EW: 謝謝你…這樣可以嗎?            SH: 只是說一句話。)

EW: 今天辛苦了!


MJ -> JJ: 我們的隊長Jin Jin,照顧成員們非常累。辛苦了!  ( EW: 這是什麽啊? 和我一樣啊! ) 要一直加油!

JJ: 加油!     ( SH: 我可以問問題嗎?       MJ: 可以啊。)

JJ: 我要問 San Ha 問題。


JJ -> SH: 每當你對哥哥們撒嬌的時候的心情如何?我非常地好奇。

SH: 額…我只是把我最原本的一面展現給哥哥們。這真實的我。


SH -> MB: 請告訴我們你在Astro里的外貌順位。    ( JJ: 這個好。)

MB: 其實我覺得我不是最後。哈哈哈哈哈哈哈        ( MJ: 認證!)

MB: 不過這個順位不公平啊。  ( MJ&JJ: 爲什麽?          SH: 我們不會介意的! )

MB: 我們有不同的魅力和不同吸引的地方。 ( MJ: 就自信地説吧。       RK: 你覺得你會排第幾呢?)

Hallyu: 把魅力撇除,只看外表呢。

MB: 哈…如果只看外表的話,第一會是…..  ( MJ: 謝謝!我知道的。)

MB: Eun Woo 哥。

( MJ & RK &SH: 只是排你自己。)

MB: 我會是…第三名…  ( 成員: 欸~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         SH: 誰會是第二啊,第二不是你嗎??)

MB: 不是啦~~ 接下來我要對Rocky説一句話。


MB-> Rocky: 從我們第一張專輯開始,我們就負責編舞這一部分,我接下來也很期待和你一起編舞。 ( Moon Bin 和 Rocky 握手。)


Rocky: 我想對Jin Jin哥說一句話。

( SH: 你應該對Eun Woo哥說。            MB: 旁邊的成員。          MJ: Eun Woo,你有覺得很失望嗎?)

RK -> EW: Eun Woo哥有很多行程,最近他也有更多的個人行程,他一定非常累,可是他還是一直在照顧我們…

EW: Rocky不是問我問題,我覺得很傷心。無論如何,我覺得很開心和非常謝謝。



Q9. Which member’s advantage you hope to own?

RK: I choose Jin Jin Hyung. He has a face that shouts out “I AM KIND”, respectful and has good manners. He would listen to others when they need someone to hear them out too. I hope to own these advantages.


SH: I choose Eun Woo Hyung. He takes care us always and I hope to own his meticulous nature.


EW: I choose Moon Bin. Whenever we monitor our stages, I feel he is the one who stands out when he sings and dance. I would like to have that advantage.


MB: I choose MJ Hyung. People beside MJ Hyung will be infected by his happiness. He’s always positive and would always encourage people around him.


MJ: I choose Rocky. Ah~ Rocky again. I would love his dance skills. I was curious about how if I dance how like Rocky dances.


JJ: I will choose San Ha.      (SH: Why I am the last again?            JJ: I want to choose you from start.)

JJ: It is because I am maknae in our family, but I am the leader in Astro. So when I saw San Ha’s and him giving the effort to always be the person who makes everyone feel better, I will be like ‘Oh, this maknae is doing a good job’ and feel proud of him.


Q9. 想得到哪位成員擁有的優點?

RK: 我選Jin Jin哥。他有一張在喊 “我很善良” 的臉孔,也很有禮貌很有規矩。當別人需要傾聽者時,他也會是很好的聆聽者。我想擁有這些優點。


SH: 我選Eun Woo哥。他很照顧我們,我想擁有他細膩的性格。


EW: 我選Moon Bin。當我們在檢查我們的表演時,我覺得他在唱歌和跳舞的時候非常引人注目。我想要這優點。


MB: 我選MJ哥。在MJ哥身邊的人都會被他的快樂感染。他每次都很正面和經常鼓勵身邊的人。


MJ: 我選 Rocky。啊~ 又是Rocky。我非常喜歡他的舞蹈。我很好奇如果我跳Rocky的舞蹈會是什麽樣子。


JJ: 我會選San Ha。      ( SH: 爲什麽我又是最後一個?              JJ: 我一開始就想選你了。)

JJ: 因爲我是我們家的忙内,不過在Astro里是隊長,所以當我看到San Ha 給予大家力量的時候,我會覺得 “哦,這忙内幹得好”,會引以爲傲。



Q10. Who dance good in girls group dance?

EW: Moon Bin and Rocky. They dance very well. They can follow other groups dance after they see the performance once.

RK: Although we can’t dance full dance, but we would catch the point of the dance.

JJ: Not just girls group dance, and also boys group dance. After they saw the performance once and they can follow them.

(Rocky start dance…)


Q10. 誰跳女團的舞蹈跳得最好?

EW: Moon Bin和Rocky。他們的舞蹈能力非常棒。他們看了其他組合的表演之後,就能跟著跳了。

RK: 雖然我們無法呈現完整的舞蹈,不過我們都可以抓到他們的舞蹈精髓。

JJ: 不只是女團的舞蹈,他們也會男團的舞蹈。他們看了表演之後就能跟著跳了。

( Rocky 開始跳舞….. )



Q11. Who is the one loves to selca?

MB: San Ha! He loves to selca and takes it very well. He knows his angles very well.


Q11. 最愛自拍的成員?

MB: San Ha! 他非常喜歡自拍,也拍得很好,他非常瞭解自拍的角度。



Q12. Who’s acting is the best?

JJ: We started acting since <To Be Continued>…the one who is the most outstanding…. Ah~ Moon Bin and Eun Woo acted in dramas and movies before. So I think the both of them would do better than the others.


Q12. 演技最厲害的成員?

JJ: 我們從<To Be Continued> 就開始演戲了… 最出衆的話… 啊~ Moon Bin 和 Eun Woo 以前就有出演電影和戲劇了,所以我覺得他們兩個會比其他人來得更好。



Q13. Who is the dirtiest member in the group?

RK: These days due to our busy schedules, Jin Jin Hyung and Moon Bin Hyung would go to bed right after coming back to the dorm. We would wake them up after we are done showering. They actually take baths frequently… but they are too tired.. so if we don’t wake them up, they will continue sleeping and end up not cleaning up.


Q13. 最骯髒的成員?

RK: 最近因爲我們繁忙的行程,Jin Jin哥和Moon Bin哥回到宿舍之後都會直接上床睡覺。我們洗好澡后都會把他們叫醒。 他們其實蠻常洗澡的… 不過他們真的太累了.. 所以如果我們沒叫醒他們的話,他們應該會繼續睡,最後就沒洗了..



Q14. Who is the cleanest member in the group?

JJ: The member who washes well is MJ Hyung. He takes 30 minutes every time he takes a bath.

MB: He doesn’t wash well, be showers for a long time.

JJ: He showers for a long time but we don’t get to see how he showers, so we don’t know if he is actually cleaning himself well. He needs 20 minutes to clean his makeup.

MJ: That’s why I have good skin.

JJ & SH: AH!??

MJ: This is real! I received recognition!  (All laugh)


Q14. 最乾净的成員

JJ: 洗得最乾净的是MJ哥。他每次洗澡都花30分鐘。

MB: 他不是洗得很乾净,應該是洗得最長時間。

JJ: 他洗澡都花很長時間,不過我們都看不到他怎麽洗,所以我們其實也不知道他到底有沒有洗乾净。他需要花20分鐘來卸妝。

MJ: 所以我的皮膚很好。

JJ & SH: 啊!!??

MJ: 這是真的!已經被認證了! (全部人大笑)



Q15. Who is the noisiest member?

MB: MJ Hyung.

JJ & SH: All is MJ Hyung.

MJ: (To San Ha.) You too! You’re noisy too!

MB & JJ: MJ Hyung and San Ha.

JJ: Although they are eldest brother and maknae, they always play together.

RK: Sometimes I rest in living room, the both of them would always walk around and make a commotion.


Q15. 最吵的成員

MB: MJ哥。

JJ & SH: 全部都是MJ哥。

MJ: (至San Ha) 你也是!你也很吵!

MB & JJ: MJ哥和San Ha。

JJ: 雖然他們是大哥和忙内,他們每天都在一起玩。

RK: 有時候我在客廳里休息,他們兩個都會一直走動和喧鬧。



Q16. Who eats a lot?

MB: Eun Woo Hyung.

RK: When we order fried chicken, and we all order and eat quite a lot. However when the members are already full, Eun Woo Hyung will always be the last one with chicken in his hands still eating.

EW: I eat slowly.

MB & RK: When he eats, he eats a lot, but when he doesn’t, he really doesn’t eat.

RK: I am curious about what is his maximum.


Q16. 吃最多的成員?

MB: Eun Woo哥。

RK: 當我們訂炸鷄的時候都會訂很多吃很多。無論如何當我們都已經吃飽了之後, Eun Woo哥都是最後一個全部吃完。

EW: 我都吃很慢。

MB & RK: 當他吃的時候,他吃很多,可是當他不吃的時候,他真的就不吃。

RK: 我真的很好奇他的極限到哪兒。



Q17. Who is the best looking member?

JJ: Should we raise hands ourselves one by one?

SH: Although the best looking member is Eun Woo Hyung, but we each own charms that are unique.

(Other members laugh and feel shy.)

RK: Just like Jin Jin Hyung said we all are handsome.

MJ: Oh~ Okay~


Q17. 最好看的成員

JJ: 我們是不是應該一個一個舉手?

SH: 雖然最好看的成員是Eun Woo哥,可是我們都擁有各自特別的魅力。(笑)

( 其他成員害羞地大笑 )

RK: 就好像Jin Jin哥所説的,我們都很好看。

MJ: 哦~好的~



Q18. Say something to your fans :

JJ: Hello, we are Astro! We are now promoting actively through our second album <Summer Vibe>’s title song <Breathless>. We hope everyone can anticipate on it. If we had the chance, and if Malaysian fans invite us and we would definitely love to visit Malaysia. Thank you!


Q18. 想對粉絲説的話。

JJ: 大家好, 我們是Astro!我們正在以<Summer Vibe>專輯中的主打歌<呼吸急促>活動中。我們希望大家可以多多期待。如果有機會,再加上馬來西亞粉絲們邀請我們的話,我們一定會去馬來西亞的!謝謝!



【大放送!】ASTRO親筆簽名迷你二輯<Summer Vibe>


更多照片請點擊 More Pictures will be at :




Special thanks to ASTRO and FANTAGIO

ASTRO Facebook

ASTRO Twitter



Hallyu Malaysia FaceBook

Hallyu Malaysia Twitter





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