[COVERAGE] GOT7 returns back to Malaysia for their 2nd Fan Meeting


GOT7 returns to Malaysia again for their 2nd fanmeeting “ GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence In Malaysia 2016 which was held at Mega Star Arena, 6PM on 4th December 2016. GOT7 has recently won the World Favorite Artist award at MAMA 2016 last weekend. This marks their 3rd visit to our country. The show was held successfully with more than 3000 IGOT7 who were attended from Malaysia, Thailand. China, Vietnam, Singapore etc..


They performed a total of 9 songs during the fan meet which included Prove It, Let Me, Boom X3, No Jam, Fly, If You Do, Hard Carry, Home Run and lastly A remix for their encore session. Before the show begins, IGOT7 were practicing the fanchant to show their excitement to meet the boys.


During the fan meet, GOT7 played some game on the stage. One of the game named “Guess The Item“. The group will be separated in two two team which consisted Young Member ( Maknae ) VS Old Member (Hyung). The old member consist of Mark, Jin Young, Jackson and JB while the others member was in the Young Boy team. Each team were given a black box with an item inside it and they need to touch the item with their own hands without looking it and discuss among their member to guess the answer.It was hilarious to see the boys reactions while figuring out what is the item. The game ended up with a tie. Hence, they proceed to play scissors, rock and paper to decide the winner. Old member team won and the losing team had a punishment by taking a Polaroid picture with a ugly face and the pictures were given to 2 lucky fan.


It has been a long time we visit to Malaysia and I want to say I miss the you guys so much. Malaysia is some special places for us because we came here for music video so there is a lot of memories here. We wanted to come here but there is not much time but in the future, we promise to come here for better performance or better with concert. Said BamBam


Mark said 2016 is a great year got GOT7 because of all of our fans that support us. Like what BamBam said we filmed our music video at here so Malaysia always has a place in my heart. We had our first tour but we wouldn’t able to come to Malaysia this time but hopefully we gonna come back to Malaysia for another concert. 


Jackson said our next time comeback please take care of yourself, do not fall sick. Nowadays, weather is so hot. Please do not wear so short pants. I don’t wish other people to see your legs. (In Cantonese)

The show lasted for 2 hours. Before the show ended, those VVIP buyer had the opportunity to either take photo with the boys or greet the boys on the stage. GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence In Malaysia 2016 organized by Three Angels Group & IME SG, supported by IME Malaysia.



Korean music fans get ready for “THE SQUALL” to hit Singapore! Local concert promoters Starspeed Entertainment and Faith & D Entertainment jointly present RAIN TOUR IN SINGAPORE “THE SQUALL” on Friday, 30 December 2016 at 7.30pm at Resorts World Convention Centre™, Resorts World Ballroom. The King of Korean pop music, Rain (also known as Jung Ji Hoon), is finally staging his latest concert “THE SQUALL” at the sunny island. “THE SQUALL” is Rain’s first full concert tour since the year 2011. Rain started “THE SQUALL” concert tour in November 2015 and, to date, he has performed in 18 cities across Asia.
Rain received rave reviews for “THE SQUALL” at every city that he performed. His ability to deliver a spectacular performance through his music, dance, energy, and connection with audiences confer him the best of the best in the Korean music industry. Many who attended “THE SQUALL” concert at various cities were in awe. When the news of “THE SQUALL” tour in Singapore was first released on the organizer’s Facebook, Ms Irene Soh, a Singaporean concert-goer who saw “THE SQUALL” concert in Malaysia commented, “The concert worth every penny, enjoyed every of his performance. Must go and watch”. Yes indeed! Whether you are a fan of Rain’s music or not, you are bound to be captivated by the superstar’s world-class performance and will enjoy every bit of the concert. Singapore fans will be glad to know that the production of “THE SQUALL” tour is customized in accordance with the show venue, without compromising the concert tour’s overall concept and key elements. Therefore, expect a tailor-made “THE SQUALL” in Singapore. End the year 2016 on a high note with RAIN!
Ticketing Details Concert: RAIN TOUR IN SINGAPORE “THE SQUALL” Date: Friday, 30 December 2016 Time: 7.30pm Venue: Resorts World Convention Centre, Resorts World Ballroom Ticket Prices: Cat 1 $338* / Cat 2 $248* / Cat 3 $198* / Cat 4 $158* / Cat 5 $118* (*excludes $4 ticketing fee)
Ticket sales will start from 5 November 2016 (Saturday) at 10am via www.sistic.com.sg /hotline: +65 6348 5555

#ONEKimRaeWon – An attractive smile guy shares about ‘Doctors


This is the first time Kim Rae Won visiting to Malaysia for his meet & greet section with the fans. The organizer, ONE HD had made an official announcement at their facebook page regarding to this event “A Date With Kim Rae Won”which held at Pavilion, KL @ 7.15PM on 10th October 2016. Kim Rae Won aka Doctor. Hong Ji Hong from hit Korean Drama – “Doctors” received positive feedback from the viewers and attracted many new fans to support him lately.

Before the meet & greet section with the fans, we got to spend a little time with him at a press conference with other media as well. We did a live session during the press conference which can be viewed through our facebook page.


Kim Rae Won appeared with a simple blue shirt matched with a black pant. He was looking smart and charming. During the press conference, there was a short Q&A segment and Kim Rae Won humbly answered all the queries with smile and laugh throughout the section. He was quite shy but yet indeed cute and he smiled was enough to kill everyone.

Kim Rae Won would like to express his appreciation toward the audience as he was shock because he received a lot of support for this character and did not expect such a big success in this role.


Kim Rae Won revealed that he was cast in ‘Doctors”at the last minute while he was still taking part on a movie. With this, he was not able to do some research himself about the medical terms and neurosurgeon compared to other cast members. He just followed his gut and do it by himself for most of the scenes and it was a good satisfaction.

Everyone loves this character of Doctor Hong so how is the real Kim Rae Won is different from Dr. Hong Ji Hong in ‘Doctors’. I’m not sure where to start but i believe that the character of Hong Ji Hong is more colorful than I am. I’m not sure how to describe first of all. He is a better person that what I am in real life.


He also said the funny part in this drama was when I met the production team for the first time, the character of Hong Ji Hong was very quiet and does not talk much. I have turned the character into more bright and jovial type after much discussion with the production team.

When as about what attracted you to the role of Dr Hong Ji Hong, he replied firstly about the few years that I have worked with, normally the character that I am in was serious and in dark part while Hong Ji Hong from ‘Doctor’are totally different. He was very bright and not so serious. The drama itself is bright as well where I’m attracted to this drama. 


Kim Rae Won said that working Park Shin Hye was a great experience. Park Shin Hye personality is amazing and bright. She was so considerate to the actors that we were appeared in. She was also a junior from the same university and took the same major

The most memorable comment that I received was when i heard that I looked like a real and authentic doctor. If i try to move on to the deeper subject about the compliment, I get to hear once the reporters said there was some article related about me and so I searched it up. One of the top comments that I received from a person who said he was so happy to be living in the same generation where he got to see Kim Rae Won’s acting. I was so grateful for the compliment.


 I have a a lot new character that I would like to try. Probably don’t know how to say. There was no specific role that comes to my mind but depending the types of script. I will read and pick something that really takes my mind.  One thing to talk about is I did not have chance to act in historical drama. He also revealed that there’s two movie that will be released in December but he said that I think you guys probably does not like it so let’s just focus on “Doctor.

Last but not least, he ended up his speech to the audience where he shown his appreciation toward the audience who present at here and hope to go back to Korea with good memories and he will be ready to comeback anytime to Malaysia when he has to be call.


Meanwhile, you can catch more on Kim Rae Won in ‘Doctors’ on ONE HD (Channel 393)  starting from 30th October 2016, airing every Sunday at 12.45PM with two episodes back-to-back.

[Coverage]Roy Kim: This maybe is the last showcase in this year, I will be going back to US for study soon…


The South Korean talented singer-songwriter of “K-folk” music, widely known as Roy Kim had finally visited Malaysia for his promo tour before returning to a student! Roy has been swiping charts such as topping the Billboard Korea K-pop Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks with his first album’s “Spring Spring Spring”, better known as “Bom Bom Bom”. The single has also successfully topped the Gaon Digital Chart for two weeks. For K-dramas fans, Roy’s voice could easily be heard during the drama where Roy has participated in soundtracks for Reply 1994, Pinocchio, Twenty Again, and Another Oh Hae Young.


As it was the first visit of Roy to Malaysia, the news itself has attracted many long awaited fans to cramp up the Upper Atrium of Paradigm Mall on a Friday evening, organised by Warner Music Malaysia.

In the evening, Roy’s Meet and Greet event began at 5pm at Paradigm Mall. Prior to that, Roy Kim personally went up to the stage for sound checking to make sure everything would go well. What a detail oriented guy! Then, the tour continued with Roy signing for his lucky 100 fans who purchased his “The Great Dipper” album on that day. The albums were sold out immediately!


During Roy Kim’s showcase, he sang a total of 6 songs – “Cloudy Day”, “Love Love Love”, “Pinocchio”, “Home”, “The Blower’s Daughter” and “Bom Bom Bom”. He engaged with the fans especially through fan-chants of “Love Love Love” and “Bom Bom Bom”.

Along the showcase, Roy was asked to give his first impression of Malaysian fans, he replied: “I should come here more, I just found another home”, leading to a huge scream from his fans. His favourite Malaysian food was Kangkong with Sambal. Roy also received feedback on how do the fans describe him as, where fans reacted saying he is cute, handsome, sexy, talented, as well as a Korean version of Damien Rice, which is also one of Roy’s inspiration singer.



The interesting Roy also jokingly described himself to be “Cute, sexy, smart, fun”, and humbly continued that he is only an ordinary person who loves to sing. He also thanked the fans’ compliments. Being asked on what inspired Roy to write certain genres of music was folk songs his mother used to listen to a lot when he was younger.

What made the fans sad was, the promo tour in Malaysia was his last activity of the season as Roy is soon to return to his student life in the United States in 4 days time for a semester of approximately 4 months. Yet, Roy Kim was very glad to end his tour in Malaysia. Roy announced that he may do a full concert in Malaysia when he returns to Malaysia in the future. Again, this spectacular news had drawn screams from his fans excitedly.


To dedicate more to his Malaysian fans, Roy spoke in Mandarin: “Hi, my name is Roy Kim. I am very happy to be in Malaysia, and all of you are very beautiful.” Roy took a picture together with his fans on that night. Lastly, Roy ended his tour in Malaysia with a photo card giving session. First 300 fans who downloaded his caller ring tone of “The Great Dipper”, received a photo card with a special message written at the back by Roy Kim personally.

[Press Conference]Roy Kim first visit to Malaysia!



The South Korean talented singer-songwriter of “K-folk” music, widely known as Roy Kim had finally visited Malaysia for his promo tour before returning to a student! Roy has been swiping charts such as topping the Billboard Korea K-pop Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks with his first album’s “Spring Spring Spring”, better known as “Bom Bom Bom”. The single has also successfully topped the Gaon Digital Chart for two weeks. For K-dramas fans, Roy’s voice could easily be heard during the drama where Roy has participated in soundtracks for Reply 1994, Pinocchio, Twenty Again, and Another Oh Hae Young.


The extremely polite Roy attended his press conference with a very grateful mood of seeing many media have arrived early morning just to catch the best view of him.  Since high school, he has been writing and composing songs as a student for school projects, which has built up his hobby in writing songs. Roy prefers to write about personal stories happening around him, such as “Home” was about his dog. Ever since he became a singer, Roy once felt that singing was tiring and not as exciting as before. However he is really thankful to have big crowds enjoy connecting with him through his music. Despite successfully becoming a singer, the humble Roy accepts both fine and unpleasant feedback.


Roy Kim’s first and second album has a rather large difference, whereby the “Love Love Love” album was filled with cheerful music, but sad and slow songs were heard in his second album “Home”. Roy said: “I realise it was not the case where people who are sad should listen to happy songs to boost themselves up, instead they should listen to sadder songs to get out of the sadness”.


During Roy Kim’s stay in Malaysia, he got the inspiration to write a song on his first night with a glass of wine alone. He promised to announce that the song was made in Malaysia if he ever releases the song. When Roy was asked about his favourite music genre, he mentioned that they change all the time from acoustic to hip hop to k-pop and more. He even faced a difficult question every time he goes for an interview session, “Which is your favourite song you have written so far?” Roy relates this question as to choose a favourite baby of his which makes him wondered for a long time. Most of the time, his favourite song would be the most recent one he has written – “Home”. On the other hand, the weirdest thing he did during preparation for his album was drinking Korean liquor while recording for “Stay” with his producer. As both of them are drunk, they both thought that it was a very successful interpretation of the song which turns out that it was not acceptable.


After debuting as a singer since 2013, Roy wishes to stay more as a musician instead of appearing on various television programmes even though he does appear on programmes from time to time this year. Upon sharing his personal experiences in his music career, he also mentioned that he has caught many Pokémon during his visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Special thanks to Warner Music Malaysia’s invitation.

‘Road Boyz First Showcase in Malaysia 2016’

Road Boyz is a five-member South Korea boy band that formed on year 2015 under Coconut Entertainment. The group consists of members Myo Ha (Leader, Main Vocalist), Hwan (Main Rapper, Vocalist), MACA (Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer), Haneul (Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist), and the youngest member ZBell (Main Dancer, Vocalist).

They officially debuted into Korean music industry since November 24, 2015 with single track , and they have made their latest come back on this May with single album . The boys own spectacular talents based on the multitudes of their street dancing performances since before their official debut. Moreover, not only showcase, Road Boyz also one of the judges on final of ‘Get K-razy Kpop Dance Cover Competition 2’ at Sungei Wang Plaza.

Mark down your calendar! Road Boyz has finally get a chance to meet their fans in Malaysia for the first time ever in this coming August for “Road Boyz First Showcase in Malaysia 2016”, and this is also their very first official oversea showcase! Please come and enjoy their talent and passion on stage! “Road Boyz First Showcase in Malaysia 2016” brought to you by I Creative Event.

Road Boyz-A2 Poster D02V01

Road Boyz First Showcase in Malaysia 2016 @ Amcorp Mall

Date : 13/08/2016(Saturday)

Time : 3pm

Venue : Amcorp Mall

Road Boyz-A2 Poster D02V01

Road Boyz First Showcase in Malaysia 2016 @ Sungei Wang Plaza 

Date : 14/08/2016(Sunday)

Time : 4pm Venue : Sungei Wang Plaza


‘Get K-razy Kpop Dance Cover Competition 2’ Final @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Date : 14/08/2016(Sunday)

Time : 2pm Venue : Sungei Wang Plaza

For more details, please contact: Contact number: +603 -5889 5209 Email: jwwong.ice@gmail.com / coleny.ice@gmail.com I Creative Event Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icreativeeventsdnbhd/

Upcoming K-pop Events in Malaysia 2016



Roadboyz Promo Tour in Malaysia 2016
Date: 11-14th August 2016
Time: TBA
Vanue: TBA



  • Date: 13th August 2016 (Saturday)
  • Time: 7.30PM
  • Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Roy Kim Promo Tour 2016 - POSTER 2

Roy Kim Promo Tour in Malaysia 2016

Date : 26th August , 2016
Time : 7.30pm
Venue : Paradigm Mall, Upper Atrium, Level UG.



DEAN #MYDEANTRBL In Malaysia 2016

Date: 10-12th September 2016
Time: TBA
Venue: TBA
Borneon Run 2016 (Hello Venus)
  • Date: 5th November 2016 (Saturday)
  • Time: TBC
  • Venue: Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Coming Soon

Park Shin Hye